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Pet Health for Gog Affordable Large Animals

Complete veterinary services

Dedicated services

• Preventative care

• Internal medicine

• Dental services

• Digital diagnostic x-rays

• Fecal testing

• Oxygen cables available (ICU)

Compassionate care

• Shots and vaccinations

• Permanent microchip identification services

• Orthopedic (bone) surgery

• Soft-tissue surgery for skin, muscles,

   organs, etc.

Latest technology

• CO2 laser machine for precise

   surgical services

• Low intensity laser therapy as an

   alternative to surgery – stimulates

   back muscles

• Deep heat therapy

Top Quality Services


Large Animals

On-Site Lab

Our on-site lab is able to save you time and money.

Total Care

Schedule your appointment for any and all veterinary services.

We are dedicated to making veterinary services affordable.

If you can get them to our facility, we can work with them!

Whether your pet is due for their regular vaccinations or needs surgical treatment, you can depend on our veterinary office.

We are backed by over 25 years of service and an unmatched dedication to maintaining and promoting animal health.

Total Care
On Site Lab